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As a former elementary school teacher and reading specialist, a certified yoga and meditation instructor, and a small business owner, it’s only natural that Emily would serve others with education.  She has spoken at local small business events and has hosted her own retreat titled Frazzled to Free...A one day retreat for entrepreneurs longing for a less stressful and more peaceful business.

After a life altering diagnosis that left her with strict doctor’s orders to learn to manage her stress, Emily went on a mission to establish a stress relieving system in her own life.  Upon spending time with fellow entrepreneurs, she realized that most of them were burning themselves out. Emily is passionate about sharing her tried and true method for managing stress with small business owners so they can feel less overwhelmed and more peaceful in their business and life.

Emily’s style is engaging, compassionate, and uplifting.  She is dedicated to helping others learn a healthy and effective approach to reducing stress.  Your audience will be inspired and will walk away feeling worthy of peace and equipped with the tools to get there.

Coco and June: Frazzled to Free Retreat from wvmotionworks on Vimeo.



Frazzled to Free

A 5 step system for entrepreneurs longing for a less stressful and more peaceful business.

Running a business can be overwhelming and stressful, oftentimes leaving you feeling stuck and alone. 

Frazzled to Free Method is a 5 step method developed by small business owner, Emily Kurth.  Over the years, Emily has honed the tools and skills needed to manage overwhelm and anxiety towards running a successful business.  Now, she's ready to share them with your audience.

In her class, she will guide your audience on a path to freedom from entrepreneurial stress, opening space for more focus and creativity.  It is her mission to help your audience have more peace and happiness so they can focus on growing their business in a healthy way.


What Attendees are Saying:

"Emily has a way of opening your eyes to the big picture in the most captivating ways and making you feel that it’s “ok” to be stressed out when you have a business and a family, but here’s what to do when it happens. You can’t really relate to too many people on that level. It 100% has been beneficial for me, my business AND my family since I have spent the time listening to her talk."  

Alex Fox - Frazzled to Free Retreat attendee

 "After attending Emily's session, I realized I needed to make self-care my top priority.  By implementing Emily's strategy of meditation alone, I noticed a big shift in my reaction to certain situations.  I was more mindful of the priorities I was making and how to handle stressful situations, in a better way, that wouldn't send me into a tailspin of emotion or overwhelm."  

-Megan Ursic - Tuesday's Together attendee

“I had reached a tipping point in my business where I had to make a decision to move forward or let it go. Meeting Emily and deciding to attend the Frazzled to Free retreat has been a game changer. Self-doubt had become a huge stumbling block for me and hearing from other small business people who experience the same struggles was so liberating. In addition to an amazing feeling of camaraderie during the retreat, Emily gave concrete ideas and strategies to deal with the stresses that come with running a small business. Since the retreat, I have reapplied to two competitive shows that had rejected me in the past and have been accepted to BOTH!! I’m not certain that I would have taken that step without the support I received at the retreat. I am certain that I will be able to handle the increased stress that comes with these new opportunities thanks to the strategies I learned during Frazzled to Free. I feel this retreat could help anyone (not just small business people!) who are facing those blocks in any aspect of their life.”  

 -Angela Henderson - Frazzled to Free Retreat attendee



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