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What Legacy Do You Want to Leave?

The Abstract Cuff Bracelet-The Caroline, custom abstract art bracelet, light pink hunter green and white paint, canvas

The Caroline Cuff, named for my grandma Caroline, who taught me all about wit. 

photo by Lauren Webster Photography 

When prepping for my latest launch, I knew I wanted the theme to be love, obviously, we’re in February.  However, I didn’t just want the generic Valentine’s Day hullabaloo.

You know I need to go deeper than that, right?  This whole process happened really organically.

Part of the xo collection is the abstract cuff bracelets. I had 15 different cuffs, so I had to come up with a way to name them on my site. 

No way was I just going to number them. Boring!  Name them by color?  Nah, too hard to differentiate. 

Art Inspired by Strong Women 

Then it hit me...I would name each cuff after a woman in my family. I thought back to all the strong women who have passed. 

Some I remember so well, but some I had to ask my parents about. I called my dad first to ask about the women on his side. I asked him to not think, but to just say the first words that came to him when he thought of that woman. 

Then the conversation flowed. His mother, Jean, for example, who passed before I was kind and quite a dreamer. Yes! She made the list fo sho!

Another woman in his family…” The first word you think of, Dad”...”Mean”. Nope, nope, nope.  That lady didn’t make the list!  😂 


The Abstract Cuff Bracelet-The Jean, custom abstract art bracelet, light blue royal blue and white paint, canvas

The Jean cuff named for my Grandma Jean, the dreamer!  Now, I know where I got it! 


When I spoke to my mom, she informed me that my great Aunt Rose was the mayor of her town in the 1970s.  Oh my gosh! So cool!

My great Aunt Sally lived a really tough life, but she always remembered to bring me a treat when she visited me...granted the treat was circus peanuts...ick..but still.  How thoughtful. She always made me feel so special and that has a profound effect on a little girl. I still remember that feeling all these years later.

These women sent their husbands off to war, only to have them come back a changed person.  They experienced the incredible loss of their children dying. They were moms, businesswomen, and dreamers. 

And through it all, they loved their people. And in doing that, their people loved their people. For generations, they passed down the gift of love.

These women helped form me.  I am who I am in large part because of their strength and love.

My Grandma, Caroline, at my wedding.  The wittiest woman I ever knew. 

Side note, if you're getting married and are considering whether or not to have a wedding video, please do it.  Within one year of this video, my Pap, in the background was gone and my Grandma's Alzheimer's had progressed so dramatically that she didn't remember who I was.  I will forever cherish this video.

Special thanks to Rebecca from MotionWorks Wedding Films for reviving this clip from my old wedding DVD!

The Legacy Behind My Art

Through these really touching conversations with my parents and while basking in my own memories, it hit me.  These women left a legacy.  

That led me to consider what kind of a legacy I will leave.  When my kids are having this conversation with their kids someday, what will the first words be that come to their mind? 

What feeling will they feel when remembering me? I pray that it is a feeling of love. I hope that they will describe me as a woman who deeply loved her people and who stood up for what she believed.  

What's Your Legacy?

How about you?  What kind of legacy do you want to leave?  Think about it.

Are you that person now? Yes?  Keep it up.

No? Be that person. It’s not too late. 

Love matters, friend. It sticks with people. Now and for future generations.    

Tell me what legacy you want to leave?  I'd love to hear it!

Abstract Cuff Bracelets go live Tuesday, February 4 at Noon Est!  See ya there 💕 

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