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Sometimes We Have the Best Intentions, But....

Lauren Webster Photography Self Portrait, Morgantown, West Virginia


Photo by Lauren Webster


A few years ago I was teaching yoga on the morning of Valentine's Day.  I created a special Valentine's playlist with all the love songs. I lit the candles.  I turned down the lights. I love a good theme, so I was ready to go with this amazing Valentine's Day themed class. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

People started to show up for class... "Happy Valentine's Day!", I exclaimed.  Then, I stopped dead in my tracks when a friend of mine walked in. She had lost her husband in a tragic accident just a few years prior.  


I kept the stupid playlist.  I taught the class but held back tears the entire time.  All I could think was how she must be feeling. At the end of class, I tried to recover by discussing that Valentine's Day is a time to love all our people...not just our significant others, but also our friends, our kids, our pets.


I still felt terrible. 


When class was over, she smiled and sweetly said goodbye.  Was she used to handling situations like this? Did she get to her car and start crying?  Did she come to yoga to get a break from her grief only to feel worse?


I saw her many times after that day, but I never brought it up.  I like to imagine that if we talked about it, she would say, “Appreciate every minute you have with your loved ones.”  “Hug them often.” “Tell them you love them.”  


So, friend, if you are grieving on this day, know that I am thinking of you.  I am praying for you. I want comfort for you. I want you to know that you are loved.  You and your grief are not forgotten.  


And if you're blessed enough to still have your loved ones with you today.... go hug them.  Tell them you love them.  Tell you how much you appreciate them. 


Then send those who are grieving some love too.


Emily Kurth, artist, Morgantown, West Virginia



  • Thanks, Patty! You too!

  • Happy Valentines Day, Emily!


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