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Hey Good Lookin'! My New Brand, That is.

Listen!  I’m just going to warn you...I am highly, highly excited about this blog post.  I am here to announce the new and super duper (told you I was pumped) improved Coco & June brand.  Just so you know, I love it with all my heart!!!

Before the big reveal, let’s discuss what a rebrand is.  

What is a Rebrand?

Rebranding is a process that reevaluates and refreshes your brand mission, visuals, and overall aesthetic.  I was really feeling the need for a rebrand.

My logo no longer suited the style of my art.  Also, I didn’t have cohesive colors, fonts, or language in my brand. 

Rebranding is actually a pretty extensive project and one that though I knew I needed, was not a decision that I made lightly.  I was guided through it by the most amazing designer, Kelsea Buddo of Kindly by Kelsea.

I met Kelsea at The Creative at Heart Conference and was googly eyed over her work forever.  I loved her style and I really loved that story is the driving force behind her work with creative entrepreneurs. 

Umm, hello, did someone say “story”? Happy dance. So, we have a style that makes my eyes smile and story as your core motivator?  Sign me up with a fancy Le Pen!

The Process

Kelsea’s process started with a call where she asked me some questions about my business, including the story behind it.  From there, she assigned me homework which included really digging deep into my brand and what I want it to portray, including narrowing down specific words that I would use to describe my business and how I want my customers to feel when they interact with me. 

Though I felt pretty confident on this topic, I also knew that my current brand was not fully conveying this. Sometimes, as a business owner who is in the thick of running her business, it can be difficult to narrow down a specific message.

Kelsea took my ramblings and turned them into the most beautiful and spot on Coco & June brand.  Drum roll, please……

Coco and June, joyful art and lifestyle goods, logo, acrylic abstract artist, paint

The new logo!

Coco and June, joyful art and lifestyle goods, logo submark, acrylic abstract artist, paint

Submark...Imagine stickers, stationary, the possibilities are endless!

Coco and June, joyful art and lifestyle goods, acrylic abstract artist, paint, business cards

The new business card!  I love how Kelsea recreated my paint brush strokes on the back.

Coco and June, joyful art and lifestyle goods, logo with paint strokes

Just more gorgeousness!

Coco and June, joyful art and lifestyle goods, inspiration board

The original inspiration board and my brand colors.  

Coco and June, joyful art and lifestyle goods, uplifting, joyful, vintage, positive, fun, peaceful

And, the words.  Be still my heart.



Brand Photography    

Once Kelsea sent me all the files for my new brand, I updated my website, my emails, my packaging...pretty much anywhere where my branding was to be seen.  Part of that process involved new branding photography

Even if you aren't rebranding, I highly recommend investing in professional brand photography.  It really makes your brand more professional and aesthetically pleasing.  It absolutely takes it to the next level. 

Plus, it's crazy convenient for social media, blog posts, your website or just about anywhere that people see your brand.  You just grab an image from your gallery and the rest is history. 

I chose the super talented Amberlee Christey and I couldn't be happier!  We even stopped at the local ice cream stand when we were done.  Yum!

Painting a canvas, abstract art, acrylic paint

paint brushes

Brand Photography by Amberlee Christey.

When Kelsea sent me my new brand, I cried.  I just couldn't believe this was my life.  I was so overcome by a combination of pride and sheer awe. 

Like, how did I even get to this point?  Yes, it has a lot to do with hard work and tenacity, but it also has a whole lot to do with God's plan.  And for that, I am beyond grateful.

Friend, I hope you love my new brand as much as I do!  My goal in this business is to serve my people.  I want you to feel joy when you interact with my brand. 

Because if there's one thing we could all use a little more of, it's JOY.  


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