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Frazzled to Free Retreat

Back in May, I took a leap and hosted my very first Frazzled to Free Retreat, a one day retreat for entrepreneurs longing for a less stressful and more peaceful business.  


The goal of the retreat was twofold:  

  • One, attendees would learn the Frazzled to Free System that I developed to handle stress in a healthy and effective way.  Learning this system would lessen the overwhelm and open space for clarity in peace in their business and life.
  • Two, attendees would spend quality time with other small business owners and receive loads of individual attention on their business, discussing pain points and learning action steps to deal with those obstacles.

Seriously, was absolutely the best day!!!  We met at the adorable Modern Homestead in Rivesville, WV.  Trellis, one of the owners was a dream to work with, as he made the planning of the retreat a snap!  

Also, the rustic 1800’s church was this history lover’s dream come true. I mean, come on...look at those floors and ceilings!

One of my visions for the retreat was a cozy sitting area where we could get down to business in a relaxing setting.  Plastic tables and chairs were not going to cut it for my vision (or my body).

In swept Matt Vance of Purple Door Projects with exactly what I was looking for. He had everything styled and set up the night before and took it all away after the retreat. I basically had to do nothing but get comfy! 

We started our day in the church with casual introductions, pastries, tea, and the smoothest coffee from Ridge Roasters.  I’m not even kidding, that coffee was in my top 2 best coffees I’ve ever had!  

Next up, learning the Frazzled to Free Method.  I am so passionate about sharing this with my fellow entrepreneurs because I have seen the overwhelm and burnout in so many of us.  

I have spent years developing this system and let me tell you it has changed my business and my life!

I spent months working on my talk by working through The Speaker Blueprint by Jessica Rasdall.  Her system helped put my message into a clear, concise talk without losing the passion behind it.  

The talk concluded with a brief meditation, which helped clear our minds for our next activity.

After the talk, we moved into the spotlight sessions where each attendee discussed her main pain points in her business. I have to say, I absolutely loved this so much!

There is something about pouring into others that brings me incredible joy. Each person received so much encouragement and tangible information to help conquer their pain points.  

As one attendee put it, “I realized we are all learning and can learn from each other.”.

After the spotlight sessions, we walked across the street to the Modern Homestead Cafe and had the freshest, most delicious lunch!  It was so nice to take the time to actually sit down to a healthy meal together.

We even had cloth napkins and beautiful was splendid, indeed.

Following lunch, we returned to the church for another brief meditation, complete with essential oils and other gifts from our sponsors Bliss, Bliss, Bliss, Suncrest Yoga, and Riversong Spa.  It was a lovely treat!

We then moved on to headshots by the uber-talented Amberlee Christey!  I was so happy to provide headshots as part of the retreat because let’s be honest, shots from our iPhones just don’t quite cut it, amiright?!  

Now, each gal has professional headshots to use in her email marketing, social media, website, etc.

Emily Kurth abstract artist

Our last activity of the day was a paint makeshop complete with acrylic paints, canvases, and gold leaf (eeeek!!).  It was so fun to put our brushes to the canvas without any expectations or limitations. It was simply a carefree way to express some creativity (aaaahhh)

April Jordan painting

Alex Fox paintingAngela Carver painting


Angela Henderson painting

The retreat was such an amazing experience and I am so thrilled with the steps that our girls have taken.  Since attending, Angie has achieved her goal of being accepted to the coveted Handcrafted Cooperative. April has tackled the task of ordering prints and cards of her paintings and will also be selling at The Handcrafted Cooperative.  Angela has opened her Etsy shop, and Alex is delving into video marketing. I could not be more proud of this group and I can’t wait to see how they apply what they’ve learned and moved forward in their businesses.

Would you like to attend our next Frazzled to Free Retreat?  Stay tuned for details as planning is in the works!  I can't wait!!!  In the meantime, have a look-see at the amazing highlight video of the retreat filmed by the crazy talented Rebecca at 304 Collective.



Emily Kurth abstract artist


  • Hi Ashley!! I am thinking about it! Stay tuned!

  • Congrats, it looks like an amazing retreat! Planing one for non business owners? 😉


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