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Best Ever Pumpkin Bread

Ok, this is going to be a short & sweet (pun intended) ūüėā blog post!¬† But, you're gonna love it!!

Many, many years ago, my husband's grandmother, a retired nurse and great baker gave me one of her hospital auxiliary cookbooks.  Inside that cookbook was a pumpkin bread recipe I have made hundreds of times and shared with countless friends and family.  It's that good!

Back in September, I shared it on my IG story and received so many requests to share again.  So, here we go!!  

Enjoy this recipe and your cozy fall!  I like to double it and share one loaf with a neighbor, friend, or family.  But, be prepared....they'll want the recipe!

Sometimes I add chocolate chips and sometimes I make muffins instead of a loaf.  For muffins, bake for 15-20 minutes.

Enjoy!!  And, stay cozy!

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