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2019 Gift Guide for Those Who Need a Break

I don’t know about you, but almost every person in my life deserves a break.  We all work so hard to keep all our plates spinning. We have our jobs, our kids, our relationships, our health...not to mention all the adulting tasks...

I almost forgot to pay our personal property taxes this year until I accidentally stumbled upon that little discovery last week. 😳

It is my seriously strong opinion that the holidays should be a time to slow down in a big way. It should be a time to rest, to spend quality time with loved ones, and to take care of ourselves.

The problem is, so many of us take our already hectic lives and turn it up a notch during the holidays. 

This often leads to exhaustion and screeching into January on two wheels. Sometimes, we just need permission to relax a bit in maybe, I don’t know, actually enjoy the holidays.

This gift guide is for those of us who just deserve a little break this holiday season.  It is my hope that this list will help you pamper someone you know or even yourself and to plant that little seed of permission..that it's ok to rest.


1.  Do Everything in Love Sweatshirt

I created this design because I have used this to help me make some serious changes in my life.  This verse has helped me let go of old grudges and allowed me to see the other person’s side of things.  Also, this is hands down the softest, coziest sweatshirt I have ever worn!

2. Chamomile + Lavender Meditation Bath and Body Oil by Rora Apothic

The name alone of this product calms me down!  What better way to spend a cold winter night than in a tub full of this glorious scent.  Plus, we could all use some serious moisture during these cold months. All-natural and small-batch, you won’t regret this one!

3.  When Less Becomes More Book by Emily Ley

I adore this book for a number of reasons.  First of all, it’s beautiful, whether you’re reading it or it’s sitting on your nightstand, it’s just pleasing to the eye.  And of course, I love the message. Emily discusses slowing down and living a simpler life in an empathetic, non-authoritarian way.  A perfect gift for someone who is feeling overwhelmed with life and needs a little encouragement.

4.  Dreamer’s Blend Coffee

My friend Holly introduced me to this organic, rain forest certified, fair trade coffee and let me tell you, it is delicious!  Holly’s daughter, Grace has Down’s Syndrome and when Holly learned that individuals with disabilities have an employment rate of less than 20%, she jumped on board with this company.  Every Dreamers purchase allows the company to hire individuals of all abilities in an inclusive environment. This is an amazing gift for the coffee lover who cares.

5.   Zulay Handheld Milk Frother

I get so many questions about how I froth my milk for my IG stories.  This is hands down one of my favorite products ever to make every day feel a little more luxurious!  There’s just something about slowing down to make yourself a fancy cup of coffee. But have no fear, it’s the easiest process ever.  I heat up a bit of almond milk in the microwave, froth, then pour into my hot coffee. Impress your coffee lover with this inexpensive treat!

6.  Aerie Real Soft Jogger

These are the absolute most comfortable pants I own.  I wear them to yoga, to run errands, and yes to sleep!  When I wear them, I feel like a million bucks, maybe its the pockets….#obsessedwithpockets.  Gift these to the gal on the go who feels her best when she’s comfortable but not sloppy.

7.   Handwoven cotton shawl from Hilos Co.

I am in love with this handmade cotton shawl made by Hilos Co’s artisan partners in Mexico.  Hilos Co owner Maggie Haislip is one of the kindest women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  She is passionate about sustainable products and employing people in countries where opportunities are not as available as they are in the US.  Feel good about giving this beautiful lightweight shawl.

8.  Peace Print

At the beginning of 2019, I chose “peace” as my word of the year.  Admittedly, I felt a little silly about choosing a “word of the year”, but I’m so glad I did.  I can honestly say that 2019 was a year when I sought peace in all situations. It guided my decision making, my goal setting, and my everyday activities.  I believe that choosing the word helped keep my mind centered on peace. When I painted this piece, I wanted it to remind people that peace is possible and that you deserve it.  Gift this to the modern art lover in your life.

9.  10% Happier Meditation App 

It’s no secret how much I love meditation.  If you didn’t know this refer back to this blog post.  This app is one of my favorite meditation apps because it’s a combination of explaining meditation in a quick and simple way and practical guided meditations.  It would be the perfect gift for someone who wants to start meditating, but also wants to understand the science behind it.

10.  Abstract Candle

I created these cinnamon cocoa soy candles as a simple way to sit back and relax. I start by painting a large canvas, then cutting it into strips, sewing those strips into a sleeve, and adding it to the candle.  Each candle is hand-painted and hand-poured right here at Coco & June. The perfect gift or just keep it for yourself. Check out Kari’s review of her candle...This candle smells amazing (cinnamon cocoa❤️) and the artwork is gorgeous! I bought this for a gift but decided to keep it for myself!

This guide contains affiliate links, but I only promote what I absolutely love and use myself.

Happy Holidays! 

Emily Kurth abstract artist

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