It's time to reclaim
your confidence &
your business.

It's time to stop spinning your wheels and searching for all the answers.

You have the answers within you.

I'm here to help you find them.

And apply them.

And start kicking some ass!


I'm already so proud of you for taking back your business and trusting yourself!

I'm here to help you dig deep into that inner knowing we all have, to bring out your CONFIDENCE, and to watch you fly!

We're talking mindset + strategy to simplify your business and bring you into full on boss babe mode.

You got this, boo!

My Specialty:

Together we will find clarity in your business.  We will nail down what is working, what is aligned, and how exactly to make more money.

Benefit 1

Simplifying your business. 
Let's take out what is not serving you or your customers. 
Less is more, friend!

Benefit 2

We will work through simple strategies to get your business seen by more people and to turn those people into adoring fans!
Fans that buy from you over and over again!

Benefit 3

When your business is simplified and aligned, it makes your customers' lives easier. 
And that, my friend is when your sales will skyrocket!

Brittney Rutledge
owner Bella Beloved Co.

"Literally everything changed after our session.
I instantly felt loved, heard, and supported.
Emily helped me break down strategies and provided
knowledge and insight.
I loved how Emily was rooted in kindness and love
and expressed how simplicity and transparency always win."