Smart move....
This is gonna be amazing!

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The Goods

In The Goods, you'll receive...

The 44 page pdf launch blueprint which gives you...

✨A step by step guide showing you exactly what I do in my launches.

✨My email strategy, including what to say and a calendar to map it all out.

✨The social media strategy that will get your launch noticed.

✨Tips on how to create eye catching graphics.

✨My one secret trick that gets more eyes on your shop.

✨A resource guide detailing where I get all my goods for launches, including shipping supplies.


The Pro 

In The Pro, you'll get...

✨Everything that's included in
"The Goods" plus
DONE FOR YOU templates
of the exact emails I use in my launches.

✨That's 6 email templates for
into your email marketing
platform. Easy Peesy!


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The Elite

In the Elite, you'll receive...

Ooooh, this one is so good! 

✨Everything included in The Pro, PLUS a 90 minute 1:1 zoom call with yours truly so we can customize the launch strategy specifically to your shop.

✨2 weeks Voxer support.

✨I will walk you through EXACTLY what needs to be said and done for YOUR shop's launch, tailored specifically to your products.

Grab your coffee and let's get you a launch that will have you singing all the way to the bank!